Afriupdate is filling the huge vacuum that exists in the flow of information that portrays the uniqueness, advancement and cultural prowess of the African Continent.

Considered the cradle of human existence, Africa, today, needs to be known for its scientific and technological advancements.

Other continents and even individual countries on those continents have news networks that project their stories from their true perspectives, not through the lens of outsiders. Africa has its own beautiful story to tell, not one of a place where wild animals roam, but of a Continent very rich in culture, natural resources, skilled labor, high literacy, and unparalleled hospitality.

Afriupdate is providing the avenue to project Africa to itself and the world.  Many Africans know more about other countries on other continents than those within their own Continent.

AFRIUPDATE’s aim is to ensure that information about Africa flows continuously across the Continent and beyond, not only to inform the world about Africa but to educate and unify the Continent.  African News Network believes in promoting such information flow in a truly African spirit.

Afriupdate is poised to provide professional, high-quality journalism to its viewers around the world.  With our highly qualified and award-winning team of journalists, we tell the African story in a truly African Spirit.




Non-partisan News Coverage Across Africa

Afriupdate is a news and entertainment website that broadcast mostly African news and wolrd news at large. We deliver to the whole AFRICANS trending and cultural history respectively.

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