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Kodak Black Deactivates His Instagram Account

Sometimes we all need a break from social media. 

Every morning the writers here at AFRIUPDATE embark on their obligatory social media recaps, hunting for any stories that may have developed on Instagram or Twitter overnight. Today, we were shocked to find that Kodak Black has deactivated his Instagram page. The reason for the Floridian to go dark isn’t clear, but he has had a controversial week on social media, to say the least. For example, last week, Black took to social media to claim that he punched veteran rapper Sticky Fingaz and pulled out a gun on him. Fingaz has since responded with a diss song.

Next, Black claimed that he should be respected on the same level as Tupac, Biggie, and Nas… a claim that earned him the wrath of the hip-hop community. While certain rappers, such as Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole, have garnered enough love and respect from the hip-hop community to be compared to some of the late greats, practically no one thinks Black belongs in that conversation. If that wasn’t enough, Black then began to take flirtatious shots at Young M.A, who wasn’t impressed at all. The internet began to mock Black for his Biggie and Nas comments, and he was universally berated for his Young M.A comments as well. Has all of the online hatred finally gotten to Black?

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