Summer ‘19 was riddled with sexy, beautiful vacation pictures of women from around the world including models, actresses, influencers and more. All these summer photos and videos bore the same tag.. “HOT GIRL SUMMER.”

Zoerrari on vacation wearing two piece monochrome swimsuit, Photo. Instagram

The term was coined by rap artiste Megan Thee Stallion and according to her, Hot girl summer is about “just being you and just having fun. It’s turning up, driving the boat and not giving a damn about what nobody’s saying.”
A summer where you are in charge of your own happiness. Chase the bag and we ain’t crying over no man PERIODt.”

A lot of women took Thee Stallion’s statement to heart and blew up social media with hundreds of thousands of photos that showed them having fun at concerts/parties, posted up on the beach getting tanned, chilling poolside at exotic vacation spots and having an overall exhilarating time.

From Lagos to London, Paris to Mykonos, all your favorite celebrities and influencers blew up social media with amazing content and we paid attention.

Here are some photos that grabbed our attention and screamed Hot Girl Summer!


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