• Spanish court have declared that Bartomeu’s actions from back in 2017 were against the law.
  • Back then, the president prematurely ended the deadline of the vote of no confidence.
  • Allegedly, Bartomeu was at risk of being sacked.
  • The club claim their actions were legal and they didn’t break any law.

Earlier today it has been announced that Josep Maria Bartomeu’s actions from back in 2017 unlawful by the court.

As a reminder, the president decided to end the vote of no confidence before the set deadline, which ended in him and the board staying. It is likely that the board would have been dismissed if the process hadn’t been stopped, as the organizers had almost reached the number of necessary votes.

Now, Barcelona come with a response. The Catalan club claim they didn’t break any rules nor did they pressure any members of the club into not signing the petition. The club declares that democratic values are at the core of Barca’s functioning as an institution and their conduct has been in accordance with the law.

It is likely that Barcelona will appeal the decision in court.

Also, it is unclear what the possible results of the judge’s decision would be. New elections are planned in a year and a half. However, Bartomeu might be forced to leave before that.

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