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5 words no bride would want to hear on her wedding day

A wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest occasions of a persons life.

But after getting all dressed up, walking down the aisle and meeting the man she loved at the altar, one womans life suddenly fell apart.

And it was all because of five little words.

The unnamed woman was expecting to hear just two, that would change everything – I do.

Instead the man she had given her heart to decided to rip it out of her chest in front of her entire family and all their friends and crush it into a million pieces.

Writing anonymously on Love What Matters, the bride explains how on her wedding day, her partner decided he couldnt go through with it.

Moments before hed been smiling and gazing lovingly at her, then he opened his mouth and said: “I just cant do it”.

The experience was “gut-wrenching” for the woman, who describes it as “every girls nightmare and my reality”.

For a few moments after, she didnt believe it was real, but one look at the priest and her heartbreak was confirmed.

Seconds later tears began streaming down her face, her mother began screaming, “I am going to kill him!”

Then there was an eerie silence as all of the wedding guests watched her crumble.

“My sister and mother ran over, got on their knees and held me,” she recalls. “I wept like a baby in their arms. My make-up was ruined, my perfect wedding day ruined, my heart ruined.”

The woman expected to hear something more from the man she was going to marry, but when she returned home, all traces of him were gone.

After a few days, he decided to text the brides sister, explaining that he wanted to be happy and the relationship wasnt right.

It turned out that he had already moved on with someone else – as the woman soon found out when he changed his relationship status on Facebook.

Two years on from the fateful day, she still doesnt fully understand why he decided to end things as they were about to exchange vows, but what really breaks her heart is that the pair shared a son, and he also walked out on him.

She added: “I know my heart will mend itself someway, somehow. But can a child ever stop mourning the loss of their father?

“I fear that one day, somehow, the runaway will run into him. Or worse, he will look for him. That hell try to take away my baby, all I have left.”

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