Trump issues order to ground Boeing 737 Max planes in the US – live news

Boeing has just announced it is calling for temporary suspension of all 737 Max jets worldwide after the planes were grounded in the United States

Trump’s announcement also had an impact on the stock market, causing Boeing shares to drop.

Speaking in the White House, Trump insisted the decision to ground the planes was in coordination with Canada.

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Speaking in the White House about the decision to ground the Boeing planes, Trump said “we very much work in conjunction with Canada,” as well as other countries and Boeing to address the issue.

Trump also said of Boeing “They have to find the problem … and they will find it.”

Canada had grounded flights of Boeing 737 Max 8s earlier today before Trump’s announcement.

Canada’s transportation minister Marc Garneau said the decision to issue a “safety notice” was based on a review of newly available satellite tracking data, which identified similarities between the crash in Ethiopia and the one last year in Indonesia.

Garneau cautioned that the information is “not conclusive” but that “at this point we feel that threshold has been crossed”.

Trump said he feels very badly for Paul Manafort while speaking at the White House today.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told reporters on Capitol Hill that “pardoning Manafort would be . . . a political disaster” for Trump. The South Carolina Republican has become a Trump ally after running against him in 2016.



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